Who we are When we're Older

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Who are we becoming?

I will not become the type of woman I want to be later if I do not intentionally make choices to become her today. I use this mindset when I’m angry, scared, or just plain weary. I want to be a woman of steadfastness, gentleness, and peace, so I have to choose those things now. I want to be a woman who trusts, so I have to take steps of faith that force me to trust. I want to be a woman who does not fear, so I have to do things I’m afraid of to move against the fear. 

Getting on the plane to Burkina was really hard for me. I have a great fear of terror attacks and mass shootings. Every resturant, grocery store, event, movie, or pub I enter, I find the closest exit and sit facing the door. This fear can be paralyzing and really showed itself when I learned about what had happened recently in Burkina. 

Prior to agreeing to document the Dorsey’s adoption, there was a terrorist attack in which Amy’s husband was killed. He was in a cafe across the street from a popular hotel waiting for a flight to arrive with a short term missions team. A bomb went off in the hotel, and armed men ran into the coffee shop killing 26 people, including Amy's husband. With tragic events like this happening all over our world I had to make a choice: would I let fear keep me from traveling to Burkina or would I play it safe and rely on comfort and control?

Amy lost her best friend in that tragic event, but she still stayed. She chose to face her greatest fears, and she made the hard choice to follow her calling. 

Ruth was in America during the time of the attack and she booked the first flight back to be there for her team. She willingly came back in the midst of uncertainty and tragedy.

These women inspire me. Their faith challenges me. They are living a life for others, but they aren’t courageous women naturally. They fight their flesh and instincts. They choose to make choices to serve and love selflessly.

I hope I can make choices today to become like them one day. Who do you admire and what choices are you making to become like them?