Via Family Adoption : Uganda

International adoption in Uganda is hard. There have been laws set up in hopes that children will not be trafficked. That being said, after a year and a half of walking through the adoption process, and making sure that Chloe absolutely needed to be adopted, the Via family was denied a U.S. VISA to bring her to the states. So the Vias moved to Uganda...all 5 of them!

We met the Vias a month and a half before we board the 777 headed east for an interview about their decision to move to Uganda. Smooth, the adoptive father (whose real name is Jonathan for all of you doing a double take), was absolutely certain that God told him to fight for his little girl just as God had fought for him. 

3 1/2 months after the Vias were denied Chloe's VISA, they packed up everything they owned and moved their family to their daughter's home country of Uganda. This is their journey to Chloe.