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Shaw Family Adoption : Republic of the Congo

The Shaws waited a long time for their daughter, 4 years to be exact. Their adoption journey landed them with Mwana Villages and over the course of 20 months they were matched and given permission to adopt sweet Elsie.  

The Shaws understand the weight of adoption. They know that adoption can be hard and that the meeting moments aren't the cure all. But, the Shaws have hope and will fight for their daughter's health and bonding forever.

We all arrived at Mwana around 6:00am after over 26 hours of traveling, however the Shaws could not contain their joy and excitement for what was to come. 

As Joel and Kristen turned around to see their daughter for the first time, their brave and gentle little Elsie took ahold of her mama and papa and walked into their loving arms. Adoption is hard, beautiful and painfully raw and such a perfect picture of love.

Elsie is a daughter. She is desired, wanted, treasured, cherished and so loved! Although their adoption day is just the beginning of their lives together, the Shaw's are committed to Elsie and her development. 

"Our daughter has been loved well, and we are beyond grateful that her leaving Mwana will be, in fact, difficult for her. That means these past two years she has had a place to call home. A place full of other little ones to play with, fight with, and sing silly songs with." Said mom, Kristen as she held her daughter tight. 

The Shaw's path to Elsie has been marked with joy and pain, victories and triumphs (for all involved), but from now on, all 4 of Shaws will close their eyes as they fall asleep knowing they are finally together as a family.
Adoption is birthed from brokenness and tragedy. But there can be beauty in the ashes and redemption can win! 

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