The Archibald Project's 411 on the world's orphan crisis

The term 'orphan' is confusing, the number 140 million feels daunting and thinking about a solution for such a complex social injustice seems near impossible. So we, your trusted source on ethical orphan care, are attempting to break down the global orphan crisis on a high level so that, hopefully, more people can understand the problem we are facing, why it is a crisis, and how you can help. 

Please click on the squares below to learn more on these specific topics. We have arranged them in chronological order, so we suggest that you start with Terms and work your way through. 


Understanding the Lingo

High Level Understanding

Why do we have a Global Orphan Crisis?


Part 1: Orphanages


Part 2: Adoption


Part 3:

Family Preservation + Foster Care


Part 4: Closing Down Homes

how You Can Help

Ethical Ways to End the Orphan Crisis