Sole Hope

In April of 2015, we led a Media Mission to Jinja, Uganda where we hosted a team of 7 artists. Our mission was to love on the children served by Sole Hope. Sole Hope is a nonprofit organization offering hope, healthier lives and freedom from foot related diseases through education, jobs and medical relief. While on the surface, it might seem that Sole Hope is a medical organization, The Archibald Project believes that Sole Hope is keeping impoverished families together by providing health care. Often times in Uganda, if a child has a bad case of jiggers, the government will remove that child from their home and place them in an orphanage. With the treatment and education Sole Hope offers to villagers many children can go through their jigger removing process and stay with their families! Sometimes working in the orphan care world looks like preventing children from being orphaned in the first place. The Archibald Project educated our Media Mission team on Orphan Prevention through medical needs during our April Media Mission, please read some of their stories by clicking the images below!