The Advocates

An orphan care travel show reclaiming a lost generation.


Join Whitney and Nick Runyon as they travel to four different countries seeking to learn what really is happening in the world of orphan care. The Runyons are using The Archibald Project's new mini-series, The Advocates, to uncover the truth about international orphan care. Their hope is to eliminate blanket statements and the belief that there are black and white solutions when it comes to caring for vulnerable children.
During season 1, you will intimately venture with Whitney and Nick into Ethiopia, Romania, Burkina Faso, and China to learn about four different models of caring for orphans. You will feel their desires and struggles along the way and you'll laugh, cry, and be inspired into action!

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Episode 4 : China

EPISODE 5: Sri Lanka


our why:

Orphaned and abandoned children are some of the most vulnerable humans on the planet. The orphan crisis is a complex and dynamic problem that affects every country around the world. There are wonderful things that exist to help these kids, but more needs to be done. The orphan crisis is something that should not exist, but to solve this problem we need more people getting involved. 

We believe that our orphan care travel show, The Advocates, will make a significant impact in the world of orphan care. This will spark a movement of people who care, who are educated, and who want to give back. This will empower the current generation-and the ones to follow-to use their time and resources to help the vulnerable. We believe that ethical adoptions will increase, ethical organizations will gain more support, families will be preserved, more people will get involved, and fewer children will be called orphan as a result of our show.

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