Prayer sponsorship

While the government does supply housing, food and education we would like for you to partner with us in prayer for some of the orphaned children of Romania. After our time spent in Tulcea County, we saw the incredible need for healthy relationships and bonds between the orphans and adults. These children cannot be adopted internationally, unless one parent is a Romanian citizen. Therefore, we believe in partnering with organizations like, NOROC, donating to their efforts AND interceding on behalf of the children through prayer.  Please see the information and photos below to learn more about these children. If their name does not appear it is because we have been asked to not divulge that information online. Thank you!


Marian is in the first grade and loves adventure! While he enjoys being able to play with the older kids, he sure does love his time being held and cuddled by a safe adult.


Matei has been apart of the orphanage system for 6 months now. He is 3 years old and is just learning to speak. He loves games and following the bigger kids around the compound. 

Adelin loves to play, swing and jump off the top of the slide. He is quite brave! When he isn't jumping around he likes to do puzzles and matching games.

Gheorghita is the younger brother to the 2 girls to the right. He likes to swing, laugh and draw. 

Maria is kindhearted and gentle. She takes a bit to warm up but then loves fiercely. She likes doll and hair accessories.  

Irina is Maria and Gheorghita's older sister.  She is incredibly smart and does very well in school!


Costi was adopted a few years ago by one of the workers at his orphanage. His mother brings him to work and he enjoys playing with his friends. 

Luca is very smart and spunky. He's a typical boy and loves playing with toy cars and soldiers.

Sali loves attention and will let you know if you need to be giving him more :) He loves hugs and is very talented at drawing.

Laurentiu, Adriana, Marian are brothers and sister. Laurentiu has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing surgery. 

Gabriel is in the 8th grade and loves school. He is incredibly smart and always glued to a book. He wants to learn Mandarin and French!

Vasile, Florentina, Georgiana are brother and sisters. Florey is the eldest and lives across the hall from Georgiana. These siblings love each other a whole lot.

Maria is out going and loving. She is one of the older girls in her home and has 3 brothers she doesn't get to see often. 

Costel is very artistic. He spends a lot of his time in art classes! He enjoys theology, writing poems and wants to work at a church. 

Mihaela just graduated high school and is looking for a job! She enjoys art and conquered her fear of riding horses while we were with her!

Cornel is finished with high school and looking for a job. He enjoys cars and horses. 

Cristina is 17 and is incredibly sweet and delicate. She has finished high school and is currently looking for a job as well. 

Georgiana is in 10th grade and is 2nd in her class! She is incredibly smart and determined and wants to be a hairdresser!