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Episode 16 - Katie + Benji Majors, Adoptive Parents and Best Selling Author of Kisses From Katie

In today's interview we bring you Katie and Benji Majors. Katie is a New York Times Best Selling Author for her book Kisses From Katie. However, during our time with the Majors we take you beyond the book and bring you their perspective on getting married in Uganda, what it was like adopting 13 girls as a single twenty something, becoming a new husband and dad to 13 girls, running their organization, Amazima and some invaluable lessons they've learned along the way! 

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Episode 10 - Bryan + Sherry Lopez, Adoptive Parents

Bryan and Sherry have 10 children, 6 of whom are adopted. What first drew us to this incredible family was of course that number; 10. Holy cow, right? But then we found out 6 of them were adopted and we had to hear more. Through out our time getting to know the Lopezes we heard words and phrases like:"90 doctor visits", "identical triplet boys weighing a pound at birth and who were smaller than a coke can..."

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