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Episode 23 - Selamta Family Project, Orphanage Alternative in Ethiopia

Selamta Family Project is a holistic orphan care organization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capitol, working to ensure that orphaned children have forever families. This means that instead of having an orphanage, Selamta employees marginalized women to be full time mothers and aunties to 8-10 children per household. Each mom becomes a real mom. 

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Episode 11 - Jamie Ivey, Adoptive Mother

Today in our interview with Jamie we take you behind the scenes and ask her some personal and fun questions that will leave you surprised by her answers! Find out what advice this mom, who has adopted 3 children, would give to a newly adoptive family, what she wishes she would have known 6 years ago as she brought home two children from Haiti, what you would discover if you were a fly on her wall, and how she does it all!

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Episode 10 - Bryan + Sherry Lopez, Adoptive Parents

Bryan and Sherry have 10 children, 6 of whom are adopted. What first drew us to this incredible family was of course that number; 10. Holy cow, right? But then we found out 6 of them were adopted and we had to hear more. Through out our time getting to know the Lopezes we heard words and phrases like:"90 doctor visits", "identical triplet boys weighing a pound at birth and who were smaller than a coke can..."

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