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Episode 21 - Kayla + Jonny Craig, Adoptive Parents

ou'll hear adoptive parents, Kayla and Jonny Craig share about their desire to adopt, love their kids well, how they've grown from seeing their son persevere through pain and why they choose a life of faithfulness over comfort!

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Episode 10 - Bryan + Sherry Lopez, Adoptive Parents

Bryan and Sherry have 10 children, 6 of whom are adopted. What first drew us to this incredible family was of course that number; 10. Holy cow, right? But then we found out 6 of them were adopted and we had to hear more. Through out our time getting to know the Lopezes we heard words and phrases like:"90 doctor visits", "identical triplet boys weighing a pound at birth and who were smaller than a coke can..."

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Episode 7 - Kristy + Adam Rice, Domestic Adoptive Parents

In our podcast we learn from the Rices about domestic, private adoption and hear their journey of finding the best way for them to start their family. They share raw honesty about fears and hopes and the relationship they've formed with their son’s birth mother.

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