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Episode 38 - Sisters That Live Together, Foster Together

In today's episode, we interview not 1, not 2, but 3 sisters living together... and fostering together!!! We are inspired by their commitment to the betterment of vulnerable children and their willingness to sacrifice comfort to care for these kids. Life can be crazy with "3 bosses" as they like to call themselves in their home, but they are quick to express that although challenging at times, foster care is the most rewarding and beautiful thing they have ever done.

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Episode 36 - Hallie Graves, Single Foster Mom and Lawyer Extraordinaire!

In today's interview we have an inspiring conversation with one of our dear friends, Hallie Graves! Not only is Hallie an intentional friend, but she is a full time lawyer and a single foster mom, just to name a few. Hallie shares some really practical advice for how to set your life up to receive a foster child and walks us through what a day in the life looks like for her and her 3 month old foster son.

Make sure you stick around to the end of our conversation as Hallie encourages us with some ways that we can all get involved in foster care without becoming a foster parent!

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Episode 15 - Randy Doleman, Adoptive Father + Orphan Advocate

In our interview with Randy we hear what made him take the plunge into foster care, what advice he would give parents just entering the foster care, what advice he would give to a friend of a foster family, why he believes community is essential in orphan care and about his amazing nonprofit, The Orphan Care Network!

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Episode 14 - Judge Martinez Jones, Foster Care Judge

In today’s interview we cover how Judge Martinez Jones actually became a judge, what the legal system is when a child is removed from their home, how the system works with biological families, why family visits and bonding are so important, and how to best approach a loving and healthy relationship with a child of trauma and their biological family. 

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Episode 13 - Kayleigh Cunningham, Foster Care Social Worker

Listening to Kayleigh’s wisdom and insight from a behind the scenes perspective is heart breaking, inspiring and so insightful. In today’s episode we cover what you need to know about the foster care system works, why children are taken from their families, insight on birth parent’s perspectives, some beautiful moments of healing in children of trauma, how you can learn more about fostering in your state and what the first steps are to get more information on foster care! 

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Episode 12 - Jeanette Jolley, Adopted Out of Foster Care

Jeanette takes us through the emotions of growing up knowing she was adopted but not knowing where she came from or her family heritage. Jolly sheds an important light on using your life and skills to advocate for others and even shares about the time she met her birth mom on live T.V. with Richard Simmons

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