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Episode 24 - Streams in Burkina Faso, Family Preservation in Western Africa

Streams of Burkina Faso has an orphan care portion of their organization and they are raising up the local villagers to foster and care for orphans. They are not an orphanage, rather they find families willing to care for vulnerable children until that child can be safely resettled back with it's biological family! 

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Episode 22 - Wellon Bridgers of Mwana Villages

In our podcast today with Wellon we hear why caring for birth families is a must, how Mwana ensures that they are operating ethically (they turned down an offer from an adoption agency for $10,000 a kid!!!), and how Mwana is making a lasting difference in the Congo! 

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Episode 4 - The Bridgers, Adoptive Parents

In our fourth episode of Around the World with The Archibald Project we sat down the night before Gotcha Day and interviewed Stephen and Wellon! We were able to hear their heart and excitement and learn from some of the hard things they had to walk through during the adoption process. 

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