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Episode 44 - Life in The Congo and Where The Archibald Project is Headed!

In today’s episode, Nick and I share an update about our life in the Republic of The Congo, what adopting three kids has been like while living in a developing country, and where The Archibald Project is headed! We answer questions about our own adoption including why we decided to temporarily move to the Congo and why we changed our kids names. We are so thankful for the incredible support we have received from you guys as we have walked through our adoption.

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Episode 38 - Sisters That Live Together, Foster Together

In today's episode, we interview not 1, not 2, but 3 sisters living together... and fostering together!!! We are inspired by their commitment to the betterment of vulnerable children and their willingness to sacrifice comfort to care for these kids. Life can be crazy with "3 bosses" as they like to call themselves in their home, but they are quick to express that although challenging at times, foster care is the most rewarding and beautiful thing they have ever done.

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Episode 22 - Wellon Bridgers of Mwana Villages

In our podcast today with Wellon we hear why caring for birth families is a must, how Mwana ensures that they are operating ethically (they turned down an offer from an adoption agency for $10,000 a kid!!!), and how Mwana is making a lasting difference in the Congo! 

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