44. Life in The Congo and Where The Archibald Project is Headed!


Welcome back to Around the World with The Archibald Project! My name is Whitney and together with my husband Nick, we started our orphan care advocacy organization, The Archibald Project! We've been working hard to tell inspiring stories about vulnerable children ever since and our goal is to ultimately end the global orphan crisis through storytelling! We believe that the more people who see and hear our stories then the more people who will be inspired to get involved and help end the orphan crisis! 

In today’s episode, Nick and I share an update about our life in the Republic of The Congo, what adopting three kids has been like while living in a developing country, and where The Archibald Project is headed! We answer questions about our own adoption including why we decided to temporarily move to the Congo and why we changed our kids names. We are so thankful for the incredible support we have received from you guys as we have walked through our adoption.

We hope you are encouraged by this podcast and enjoy our conversation! 

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