26. Life As A Single Foster Mom With Millie Holloman

millie holloman

Meet Millie Holloman. In today's episode of Around the World with The Archibald Project we are so excited to introduce you to single Foster and Adoptive mom, Millie Holloman! Millie started her foster journey 3 years ago as a single 33 year old photographer living in North Carolina.
Through out 8 placements she found 2 of her children, a little girl who was adopted this past March and her son whom she will adopt soon!
During our interview with Millie we find out what prompted her to enter foster care initially, we find out what emotions and experiences she's had with children entering her home aging from 5 weeks to 20 years old and we hear her heartfelt wisdom about consistently showing and extending love to vulnerable children.
If you’ve ever considered getting involved in Foster Care, even as a volunteer and not a parent, this podcast is for you!
Oh, and yes, this sweet girl above might look familiar, as you've probably seen her on Good Morning America or a famous blog circulating your social media feeds :)

Below are the photos Millie talks about in the podcast that ultimately took her adoption viral and landed her and sweet Wren on Good Morning America and other news shows around the nation.

See the Hollomans on Good Morning America HERE!