Episode 3 - Mary + JP McLeod, Adoptive Parents

In our third episode of Around The World With The Archibald Project we sit down and chat with our friends Mary and JP McLeod. We met Mary in 2013 and then JP in 2014 as he traveled to Uganda to spend time with Mary and fall in love with the Ugandan people. 

Mary and JP currently live in Los Angeles, CA running their respective businesses as wedding photographer and DJ. This November they are moving to Uganda to start their family and pursue storytelling for organizations in Eastern Africa. As much as they love dreaming big dreams, they have learned to surrender all plans to God and let Him have complete control on writing their story! 

Listen to our third podcast to find out why Mary and JP are moving to Uganda, how you can learn more about their story and a few of their favorite things about one another! You guys will seriously want to listen to their wisdom, they have a lot to offer! Oh, and they may or may not have obliged us by playing a quick game at the end of the interview! 

As promised, you can find all of the links we shared in today's episode here:



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Mary's blog: www.wanderingwithmary.com
McLeod's Moving to Uganda: 
Mary's Instagram: @wanderingwithmary
JP's Instagram: @jpmcleod
Mary's Photography Business: 
JP's DJ Business: www.iamdjp.com



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