Episode 7 - Kristy + Adam Rice, Domestic Adoptive Parents

Welcome! Today we're excited to introduce you to Kristy and Adam Rice! We first were introduced to the Rices in an email last spring with Kristy's interest in our Media Missions. However, with expecting a new babe, schedules didn't align and she wasn't able to get away. 

In our podcast we learn from the Rices about domestic, private adoption and hear their journey of finding the best way for them to start their family. They share raw honesty about fears and hopes and the relationship they've formed with their son’s birth mother. And, this is the week their son is born!!! He should be making his arrival into the world any day now! The Rices have traveled to be by the birth mom’s side and are eagerly awaiting his arrival. So make sure you find them on instagram and congratulate them! 

~Kristy's Art Website: www.momentaldesigns.com
~Kristy's Art Site that gives back: www.kristyrice.com/pages/giving-back
~Blog post about their gender reveal: www.momentaldesigns.com/story-art-journey-baby-ii/
~Instagram: @momental@kristyriceshop
~Hashtag to follow along our adoption journey: #ourjourneytobabyblooms
~ Faithful Adoption Consultants: www.faithfuladoptionconsultants.com