Episode 6 - SK & BJ Brawner, Foster and Adoptive Parents

Meet Sara and BJ Brawner. Our paths crossed a few years ago on a magical little app called Instagram. We quickly became real life friends and shared the struggle of desiring a family and having our hearts broken by the orphan crisis. Fast forward 2 years and BJ and SK (Sara's full name is Sara Katherine) have moved out to the country, walked through 4 devastating miscarriages and are currently fostering 4 children 5 and under. 

"We've resolved to not protect ourselves."

"When you love someone, you always run the risk of loosing them, no matter the relationship."

In this podcast you hear the realness behind two foster parents trying to daily navigate a hard system in a broken world. If you've ever wondered if you could do it, if you could foster, please take a moment to listen to this important and inspiring podcast. 

Above photos by: @skbrawner3 + @billyjackbrawner3