Episode 5 - Kendell and Patrick Borkowskie, Adoptive and Foster Parents

Meet Kendell, Patrick and their son Lidell Borkowski! We had the honor of spending 8 days with Kendell during our April 2015 Media Mission. We saw her heart for justice and serving others and loved getting to know the passion behind her action. 

In our 5th episode of Around The World with The Archibald Project we sit down with Kendell and her husband Patrick and learn about their private adoption, future foster care process and their heart for children. 

Something we are excited to share with you is the foster organization with whom they are working. You see, often times we hear the term 'foster to adopt', but the organization the Borkowskis' have chosen to work with promotes reunification. So click play to learn about reunification, what a private domestic adoption can look like and to hear a little bit of their passion filled story!  



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Links From Today's Show:
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Hey Sunshine Blog: http://www.heysunshineblog.com
Kendell's Instagram: @hey_sunshine_blog
Family photos from above: www.reamsphoto.com