Episode 4 - The Bridgers, Adoptive Parents

If you've been following us on Instagram, then over the last week you've witnessed the Bridgers welcome Leila and Daniel into their family! In our fourth episode of Around the World with The Archibald Project we sat down the night before Gotcha Day and interviewed Stephen and Wellon! We were able to hear their heart and excitement and learn from some of the hard things they had to walk through during the adoption process. 

The Bridgers began the process to adopt from DRC 3 1/2 years ago. After 2 years of waiting, they were matched with the most precious twin boys. As it turns out, through much misleading, many layers of fraud and brokenness and the exploitation of vulnerable families the Bridgers learned that the boys with whom they had been matched were actually wanted by their birth family. Instantly Stephen and Wellon knew they could not proceed with the adoption. The experience opened their eyes tremendously and as they began to recover from that experience, they felt truly called to find and partner with an organization more long-term that was caring more holistically for not only the orphan, but for the vulnerable family—the desperate mama, the poor community, as a whole. 

Several months later, they stumbled upon Mwana Villages (www.mwanavillages.org) and in the past months have become close friends with the co-founders,  Cheryl and Lambert. Their organization, located in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo (not to be confused with DRC) is an AMAZING grass-roots organization that cares for vulnerable women to help them start their own business, older orphans and street children to put them through school or training programs, and—most recently (as of last June in its opening) an abandoned baby home. 

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