He Grew My Faith

When I met Oliver, before I even knew his story, I could tell he was special. He was at a party for all of the foster families who are a part of Romania Reborn. He was wearing a suit jacket, which made me smile immediately. I noticed that he was quietly observing everything. He watched the other kids laughing and playing with a soft, content spark in his eyes. I tried not to give him to much attention as I know the appropriate precautions to take when working with vulnerable children. 

And then I heard his story.

Oliver was abandoned at birth but soon placed with a foster family where he grew up as a son and a brother. One day, without any notice, his family moved out of the country and left him in a special needs orphanage. It's hard to say if Oliver had any disabilities before this transition, but it was clear that the four years he spent in an Eastern European handicap institution had affected him. 

He told me that he didn't understand why he was in the orphanage and that it made him sad. He said he mostly missed riding his bike and going to church... so he started praying that God would give him a family. 

Did you get that? This 10 year old boy was abandoned for the second time in his life without anyone guiding him or instructing him to read his bible. He began praying on his own. He slowly gained hope and continued to beg God for a different life story. It didn’t happen right away. After four long years, God answered Oliver’s prayers and he was taken out of the institution and placed with his current foster family. 

Learning about Oliver’s persistence and hope grew my faith. When I’m faced with challenges and obstacles, I hope I can remember Oliver and his four years of waiting and praying.