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As we mentioned yesterday, we’re sharing some personal testimonies from adults who went through the Y.E.S Uganda OVC program. If you missed our first post, it’s pretty powerful and you should check it out! Click here to read some life changing words by a now medical doctor who wouldn’t be where he is without the education sponsorships from Y.E.S. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Bright!

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My name is Bright Herbert, I am 28 years old and I am an accountant.

At what age did you come to YES:


Why did you go to YES:

I had lost my dad in 1996 to HIV/AIDS who had left 4 of us (children) and me as the 1st born and my last sister was just 2yrs. Our mum was very young and was very, very weak. Every day she was admitted to the hospital and we found out she also had HIV/AIDS. That's when we heart about YES.
We then went to seek for help and to God's blessings we were considered.

How has Carol and YES helped you to be where you are today:

Great work done by YES program to my life, it helped me in many ways such as; education, medical and support to my family in income generating activities such as poultry and piggery, which boosted our domestic survival income which would facilitate us on small domestic needs such as salt, soap plus food since we had a small plot of land. Again the YES program helped to renovate our house which was falling a part by then. Carol helped very much with the health of my mum, who was on and off and we had started loosing hope of her life to make it to this time. And as we talk she is very healthy and on her ARV drugs, working with Manna Rescue home as the House manager for kids and support staff!

What role did education play in your life and how would you encourage others to care/support orphan and vulnerable children's education:

The education made me achieve a big difference in my life, i.e I have achieved such things as, a job, manage to learn how to read and write, got my own piece of land, am able to help my family which is an extended family.

I encourage others to care for OVCs in education because it's best road for a bright future. 

What would you want others to know about Carol and YES:

Carol is a blessing to the nation of Uganda, mostly to the People of Kabarole. She has done a lot for the OVCs with one heart/ being committed to her mission. Y.E.S OVCs have come out as doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, Lawyers, Accountants among other professions which is a contribution to the social, economical and political well being of the people and Nation.

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After reading the past two days of testimonies from Y.E.S successful graduates, we want to challenge you! Is there something in your life, perhaps a weekly cup of coffee, or Netflix subscription you could do without? We never want to guilt people into donating to organizations, but we do want to challenge people to give! Before coming to Uganda and personally meeting sponsored children and adults who received a sponsored education, I never knew the impact one could make by donating to a child's education. We believe storytelling changes the world, and now we believe with every ounce of our being that education changes the world, too! If you need creative ways to help find extra money in your budget so that you can sponsor a child's education you can email us at info@thearchibaldproject.com! We'd be happy to help assist you in finding a way to help fund an O.V.C's education!

If you're interested in funding a child's education through Y.E.S, please click here!