Why Did We Come to Uganda?

Why Did We Come To Uganda?  

Why did we come to Uganda? Well, thats a complicated question. Essentially we came to lead a few Media Missions which invite other artists into our mission of loving and serving orphans through their art. Media Missions are something we are very passionate about. We believe everyone is gifted in some way, shape, or form and those gifts can be such an incredible tool to serve!

Rather than traveling back and forth to Uganda every three weeks for a Media Mission, we decided it would make more sense to “live” here for a short time.  So here we stay living day to day life in a culture that is not our own.

The very first day we got here…okay, let’s be honest, we had to adjust to the time change and get acclimated…so a few days after we got here, we started to work. We carried on our schedule as usual, spending large amounts of time working at our computers and forming relationships around town. But as I was praying one day, I felt the Lord calling us to just spend time with orphans. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with that. I like to have a purpose or a goal or an agenda with my time. Then I realized that loving was the purpose. Our calling during this 6 month period, along with running and growing The Archibald Project, is to be with children. Some days that looks like holding a crying baby, or teaching a 22 year old how to use a computer, or playing soccer with a group of boys. The point is that if we were called to Uganda to inspire others to care for orphans then we need to be living by example and loving genuinely with wisdom.

One thing you should know is that orphan care is not glamorous or romantic. I promise its not.  To glamorize such tragedy is out right demonic. Orphan care is hard, messy, complicated, exhausting, and gut wrenching; but at the same time its rewarding, beautiful, joyful, peaceful, and inspiring. Just know that if you find yourself caring for orphans you will be poured out; and when you are called to serve and be a poured out offering don’t be surprised when He pours you out. It’s how we respond to being broken and poured out that will either produce fruit and bring life or paralyze us and bring lifelessness. Will we push through the pain and continue to follow Jesus to continual depths of discomfort, or will we say ‘enough’ and back away claiming the call was too much? I hope we can look back on our time in Uganda and say we gave it our all because HE gave us His all, and that is enough to keep going.

So as our time in Uganda continues to march on, the answer to the question of why we came changes daily. My hope is that with each day and each change we will find new grace and new love to pour out intently.


Whitney and Nick Runyon

co-founders of The Archibald Project


(Above photos are from Whitney's personal instagram, to follow the Runyon's daily adventures, you can follow @whitrunyon and @nackolas)