We're Here!

We’re here! We are finally getting used to the 9 hour time change and settling into our sweet little African abode. Through the open windows I can hear the birds chirping, the insects rustling and the wind gently rubbing up against the old window panes. He’s here, my sweet husband, every day looking more and more like an Expat and less and less like a corporate employee :)It’s only been 18 days since we left home but it somehow feels like a lifetime. We came with dreams and expectations and while those dreams are still there, the Lord is showing us new sides of orphan care that we are ready to dive into. Over the next 6 months we’ll be coming to you from Uganda, Africa unless noted otherwise by guest bloggers. We’ll be sharing stories of adoption, stories of children being resettled with their biological families, Media Mission teams full of eager artists wanting to use their art to make a difference, stories of children needing sponsorships and any other story the Lord lays before us pertaining to orphan care. Our hope with each story, like always, is that you would see it and be inspired into action. We truly believe storytelling changes the world and that we are called to share real truths of ways that YOU can serve the fatherless. So please stick around, bookmark our blog feed, keep our family and ministry in your thoughts and prayers and follow our Instagram (@thearchibaldproject) for daily updates! archibald update