Something we've noticed, is that we all have something to give. Whether it's time, money, physical objects, or your gifts and talent; there is always a part of you that you can give to serve another person.

That's actually how The Archibald Project started. I (Whitney) felt like I was supposed to give my talent of photography to a family who was adopting from Eastern Europe. And Nick (my husband and co-founder) had flight benefits (i.e. we could travel standby) from being an airline pilot so that we could actually get to Bulgaria, where said family was adopting...

So we took what we had (photography and flight benefits), where we were (living on less that $30k) and did what we could for others (documented an adoption to inspire others to adopt!). And from that, The Archibald Project was born! (Well there is actually a lot more to the birth of this nonprofit but we'll share that on Monday).

So today, we are excited to introduce you to Molly Wantland, of Simply M Photography!!! Molly has taken her passion for adoption and vulnerable children, and given it to photographing families whom have adopted! Over the next month we will be sharing some photo sessions sweet Molly has documented, along with interviews from the adoptive families! All with the purpose of sharing real stories, of real people who have welcomed an orphan into their home and turned them into a son or daughter. 

Be encouraged! 


I’ve always loved the idea of adoption. Coming from such a loving, safe home, it was heartbreaking for me to imagine other children having the opposite. As I got older, I became fascinated with the process (and the amazing outcome), and began to wish that I could adopt my children one day. While my husband and I aren't ready for kids quite yet, I knew that I could use my photography as a way to bless adoptive families in the meantime. I have absolutely loved meeting families in the adoption community and hearing their unique stories! I want to not just take pictures as a job - but I want it to be a way I can celebrate lives, like those of the brave parents who have whole-heartedly followed their calling of adoption. I'm glad to say that I've gotten many chances to do so in the past couple of years, and hope to continue the trend! 

Molly Wantland
Instagram: @mollydwantland