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Nate and Noah's Reunion

“Nate, he’s coming!”

“Noah clap your hands so he can hear you!”

“Noah!! How’s your day Noah?”

A week ago I got a message from Tiffany Harris, adoptive mama to Nate, who’s adoption we documented last summer in Beijing. Nate was adopted from Bethel China, less than a year before his 14th birthday. In China, when children living in orphanages turn 14, they age out. Due to Nate’s blindness, this meant Nate would go live the rest of his life in an institution. Let that sink in.

When we arrived in Beijing, we got to spend some time with Nate and his foster brothers at Bethel China before he met his forever family. One of the boys living in Nate’s foster home was Noah. Noah and Nate are best friends, and although not biologically related, they are brothers.

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Loving With Purpose

Fostering children, on my own, became a passion of mine when I was in my early 20’s. I had been in a long-term relationship that I had poured my heart into, and it all come crashing down. When I lost my relationship, I lost who I was. After my relationship ended I knew it was time to start loving the right people. I have a very strong passion to love children, to love them with all my being, to shelter and to protect them.

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