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Closing Down Orphanages...

They tearfully spoke of the hardships they’ve encountered…one told me in the quiet of an evening that his only dreams for the future were that his boys, HIS boys could one day have jobs and be okay in life. So when the director of one home tells me about how international policy makers had recently began a large push to shut down all children’s homes, I was stunned.  I didn’t get it. (I still don’t). Who could be against this?  Where would all of the kids go?

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What is KidzNet???

She said, “the thing is, no kid is in a children’s home because of something they did wrong…every kid you’ll encounter is there because someone else failed to care for them.”

And I froze.  Therese and my team went on with the rest of the training, but my heart was stuck.  

But before we get there, I should probably introduce you to Therese.

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Welcome to Sri Lanka

You see, almost a year previous, I received an email from a woman named Julie. Julie was excited about the direction and emphasis The Archibald Project was placing on ethics and orphan care and how we were sharing stories of alternative ways to care for vulnerable children, outside of the traditional orphanage narrative. Yet, she wanted to speak up on behalf of an organization that she holds dear to heart.

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