The Archibald Project + Solly Baby Wrap Promo!

We never meant to start an orphan care nonprofit. We never meant to quit our day jobs and leave our old way of life behind. 

It all started during the Spring of 2011, when I was photographing an old friend’s two year old daughter. Towards the end of the photoshoot my friend mentioned that they were adopting from Bulgaria and I heard a voice within telling me that I was supposed to go with them, to Bulgaria, and photograph their adoption. 

As crazy as it sounds, my husband and I boarded the 747 headed east and documented the adoption of a 7 year old Bulgarian boy with Down Syndrome. 

A few weeks later a total stranger emailed me and said that because of our images she had found her son and was now adopting a chronically ill boy from Ukraine. She said again, if it hadn’t been for our photos, she never would have found her son…

And we knew. My husband and I knew that was why I had heard that voice months ago, telling me to photograph the Bulgarian boy’s adoption. 

A few months passed and my husband Nick and I became co-founders of our orphan care nonprofit, and we only found it fitting to name our mission after that Bulgarian boy, Archie. 

And so, The Archibald Project was born.

Years of traveling the globe documenting adoptions and ethical orphan care organizations led us to witness the powerful bond between parents and children. In almost every country we’ve worked we have seen parents physically wearing their children; it is beautiful and natural, and so incredibly healthy. 

Some of our favorite adoptions moments have been documenting mothers or fathers immediately wearing their adoptive children. 

Physically bonding with your child breeds trust and safety, and when you are walking into adoption, you are meeting a child and asking them to trust you…a complete stranger.

And that is why we are so excited and humbled to be partnering with Solly this week to promote orphan care and adoption.

From Solly Baby Wrap:

"One, we believe our wraps bring you closer to your little one, physically and emotionally, while simultaneously giving you the freedom and comfort to take on daily life. Secondly, we believe that taking on the role of mother or father does not replace you as an individual, it simply adds to it. Our wraps reflect your personal aesthetic, seamlessly and luxuriously integrating all of the benefits of babywearing and the beauty of still being YOU.

We are proud that our business is able to support American factories, fabric mills, dye houses, and printers. We feel that we are able to offer a customized, superior product because of how closely linked we are with this process and our customers. With the help of many other people, we were able to create a truly beautiful, functional, and safe product that I am proud to share with caregivers."

This week 20% of sales from the BALTIC BLUE WRAP will be donated to The Archibald Project to help further sustain our mission of ending the orphan crisis through powerful storytelling. 

If you or anyone you know is welcoming a baby or has a baby 25lbs or lighter then we would be honored if you purchased a wrap here

Join us by supporting their mission! Thank you!