Day 3 – Purpose Jewelry

Is your mom or sister an accessory fan?? Well just wait until they open up your gift from Purpose Jewelry! Seriously their mission is amazing and their products are beautiful! And they are giving our Archibald community unlimited FREE SHIPPING when you use promo code "ARCHIBALD" at checkout. (Offer expires 12/23/16).

Head of Distribution, Michelle Johnson answers our questions of how Purpose started and why!

Where are you from and how did you get involved with Purpose Jewelry?
My name is Michelle Johnson and I'm from Orange County, California. I've been with the organization for almost 5 years and I am Head of Distribution. Our organization was started with the simple reason to serve survivors of modern day slavery. PURPOSE Jewelry is the social enterprise component of iSanctuary. Our jewelry is handcrafted by artisans rescued from sex trafficking.

What is your mission and vision for your business and why are passionate about it?
The mission of iSanctuary is the empower people rescued from human trafficking to transform themselves into survivors by embracing their true identity and worth! By providing meaningful employment through PURPOSE Jewelry, young women are able to support themselves and obtain job training and experience. Through our wide range of holistic care services these women can begin to heal and grow in mind, body, and soul! We have a big vision to open 10 different sanctuaries around the world by 2020!

What is your favorite part of your business?
My favorite part would definitely be the transformation in the lives of the young women we serve both abroad and locally. I love the holistic approach that our organization takes with each woman who goes through our program. We incorporate education, income, health care and community, which allows our participants to be able to fully heal.

What is the hardest part of your business?
One of the hardest parts would probably be maintaining consistent communication between our India and California Headquarters.

What advice do you have for people out there about shopping ethically?
If you take some time to do a little research, there are so many different ethically based companies out there with amazing products! You don't have to sacrifice style to make a difference. You are literally changing lives through your purchases.

Why is it important to support small and/or ethical businesses?
As consumers, we have more power than we might realize. Choosing to take a stand for businesses that actually maintain ethical standards is extremely important. We should be taking the time to look into how our goods are actually produced so we can make educated purchasing decisions!

Please share anything else you would like about your shop!
We have a powerful new PURPOSE brand video which communicates the meaning behind the jewelry. Watch here:

We love your story and the products you sell! How can our followers find and purchase from you?  
Our shop is and our Instagram is @purposejewelry, Facebook iSanctuary, and Pinterest Purpose Jewelry!

Founders of Purpose Jewelry!

Founders of Purpose Jewelry!