Meet Solveig - Media Mission Team Member!

With the arrival of our first 2015 Media Mission team this Saturday, we would like to take some time and introduce you to our amazing team members! We'll be posting about them, all individually, over the next few days! We are so excited for them to get here and experience the beautiful country and people that we love so dearly :) For our first Media Mission Team Member Introduction, meet Solveig!

*       *       *

It was the usual morning about two years ago when I was studying at UC Davis, my fingers were lying hardly awake on the keyboard of my laptop with a list of tabs open to distract me from the main goal of  looking at my school schedule. I had my wondrous steaming cup of coffee beside me as I was meandering through my social media when I found out about The Archibald Project. A photographer I knew from Davis had just posted on instagram that she was going on a media mission trip and I felt a jump of excitement within myself. I instantly daydreamed about being a part of something that combined passions I’d felt God had created in me to use to use for Him... and it was crazy to think it could actually become a reality.

I’d fallen in love with photography and had always wanted to travel to adventure where ever God wanted to take me on His great commission. Realizing that He was using photography and storytelling in such incredible ways in through The Archibald Project relit the desire to do missions and work in ministry. It was my last year of school and I hadn’t notice how I had let studying damper the passions God had put in my heart. So I decided to take action, I went on The Archibald Project site to apply… when I realized they were no longer taking applications. I was so bummed.

I said, “ok well maybe now isn’t the time” and I just hoped that they’d have more missions in the future. So I placed it to the side but kept following the Archibald Project on social media. From then on I stayed hopeful and inspired to be used in a cool way for God’s ministry. I graduated and moved back to San Diego where I became an intern with The Jordan a young adult community at my church, North Coast Church. God did some wonderful things and I was blessed to have my passion of photography, creativity, and just good ‘ol loving people be how God wanted to use me in ministry.

And then something cool happened. I’d been thinking and researching for several months of where I could do mission work and who I could do it with. I went on a sweet weekend trip to Mexico, but after that nothing seemed to be working out so I put it aside again. Then a couple months later, one night I had a dream about orphans and being in the midst of adoption. And I kid you not, the next morning I woke up, still lying in bed with my iPhone reach up above my face, scrolling through instagram when I saw it… The Archibald Project had just posted that they were taking applications for their next media mission. I had the biggest sleepy smile on my face. I prayed and knew God wanted me to go. And now here I am about to make my way to Uganda!

I’ve been supported by family and friends and friends of friends which has been such an incredible feeling to see how God can provide. I’m so excited to be a part of the Archibald Project and cannot wait to love on and share the stories of orphans and orphan care!

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