Meet Madeline - Media Mission Team Member!

Our team is leaving the states TODAY!!! We could not be more excited to officially "meet" everyone so stinkin' soon! And to carry on with introductions, we would love for you to meet Madeline!

*    *    *

"Sometimes in life we come to a fork in the road: on one hand lies a comfortable and routine job, complete with answers and stability. On the other side is a dream so scary you know if you tried to tackle it alone you would fail in two seconds flat. I came to such a fork this past summer. I had graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in business, a passion for photography, and a deep love of ministry. I also happened to graduate with absolutely zero job prospects and an intimidating dream of being a humanitarian photographer. As a creative I had always wondered where the Lord would lead me- this summer He led me into waiting. He led me into trusting Him when it seemed that there were no jobs I wanted to pursue, no financial means to travel, and no ideas of where to go from there. In that space of waiting I began praying for an opportunity to glorify the Lord through telling stories. Those three months of summer after graduating I spent most of my time researching organizations and non-profits who needed creatives. I stumbled upon Archibald Project one day and knew. I knew this was the fork in the road. It was a moment that would lead to something bigger than I had imagined when I first prayed the simple prayer of an opportunity to tell stories with my camera. I’ve always had a love for orphan care, have anxiously looked forward to a day when I can finally adopt, and have had a yearning to do something more for those without stable and loving families. With expectant hope I looked at the trip dates, saw my abysmal savings account, and realized there was no way I could go on a trip with them, my dream organization. I continued praying, but couldn’t shake the thought of going to Uganda with T.A.P.

A few months later, I was sitting in my new home in Nashville, having found an internship here and uprooting to follow the Lord to a fresh city. I was doubting my abilities as a photographer, doubting His calling on my life to be a creative and wondering how I could pursue ministry. He brought up Archibald Project to my mind and in my small faith I yelled back, “It’s impossible!” Funny how impossible odds never seemed to stop my God. My community from back home pushed me to act on the desire to go abroad with this organization. I reached out to the owners of Archibald Project with an apologizing email that went something like, “Hey, I know I’m a couple months past the application due dates and I know y’all are probably full and there’s no way I could go on a trip, send me info whenever you can if that’s cool.” Something along those lines- pathetic, right? Well, the next day I got an invitation from them to apply, I just had to get it in that week.

The Lord blew my mind of what I thought was possible. I quickly filled out an application, shot it in, and was accepted to go on the February trip. The Lord’s faithfulness is something that time and time again astounds me. He took my small ideas of what I can do and said, “Let Me do something even better.” I don’t have answers for life after, I don’t know what my next years (let alone months) look like. All I know is that I haven’t even left the confines of my home and this trip has taught me so much about the Lord’s love of taking care of His children in ways we can’t imagine. The support showered on me by family and friends has been overwhelming and encouraging that telling stories can make a difference. My heart is so ready to hear these stories, capture them with dignity and authenticity, and to bring them back with the hopes of changing lives. I am beyond thrilled to see what the Lord does in our time in Uganda and can’t wait to share the images and stories with you! "