Meet Danielle - Media Mission Team Member!

And now, it is time to introduce you to our final Media Mission team member! We can't wait to meet everyone is just 30 minutes!!!! Meet Danielle!

*    *    *

In 2008, during college, I first heard about children being abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) through Invisible Children. In addition to the killings and abductions, many children were left as orphans. My heart broke for these children in Uganda, for these families destroyed by cruel and unnecessary invasions. I became involved with Invisible Children and the more I learned, the more I wanted to help.

It was at this same time that God directed my ways to follow the artistic gifts he’d given me. I’d always loved painting and photography, but as I dived into the artistic world, I knew I wanted to use this art to serve him. In addition to my love of children I have a heart for the lost, the forgotten, those who seem unnoticed in life. Through college, God broke my stubborn pride and as I fell more in love with him, I asked to see his children through his eyes;  I asked him to break me of myself and fill me with more of him.

I could never have been prepared for the cost of that prayer or the heartache that would come with it.

Since college, Uganda was repeatedly placed in front of me through new friends, churches, articles, and missionaries, while increasing a burning passion for the Ugandan people. After I told a friend I wanted be a missionary photographer, she told me to just go for it, and the dream began to shape into reality. I began to pray and contact missionaries I knew, asking friends to pray for discernment. One of those friends sent me an email about T.A.P. and I knew I had to apply! I could not pass up an opportunity God nearly dropped in front of me.

My excitement rises as I fly out to meet my team in mere days! I know though I’ll aim to be God’s hands and feet as I serve with the Media Mission team, it will impact me more than I can ever imagine. I am so very eager to be the love of God while helping to end the need for orphanages, giving these children hope to be loved, desired, and cared for as our Lord had intended.