March Media Mission!

Often times, when something powerful happens in my life, words fail me. How does one put into words an experience so powerful and soul changing? Sometimes you just can’t. Sometimes you must try and just be okay with what your fingers type :) Our March Media Mission was such an experience! We spent a week Bundybugio, Uganda with 5 God fearing women, loving on and getting to know the Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) from Christ School. We walked through the gates on Monday morning with eager and expectant hearts and excited for what lie ahead. During our Media Missions we ask that our team members leave their cameras at home on the first day and then again at home during the mornings so that each member has the opportunity to engage and get to know the kids. As photographers its easy to hide behind the camera and get lost in documenting scenes, so its incredibly important for our team to really get to know the kids before they start documenting their lives and stories. If you are unfamiliar with our Media Missions, and the purpose behind them, please take a moment to read why we do them here!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more from Christ School and our Mission to the west, however, right now, we would like to introduce you to our team and let you hear a little from their hearts!

Amy, what did you enjoy the most about the March Media Mission?!

The people. I don’t think any of us were prepared for how strong the community would be here. Not only between our team but also between the missionaries and the Ugandan people. God taught all of us so much just through connection and the fact that we can all relate to each other’s stories no matter where we are from!

Eden, same question for you, what did you enjoy about being a part of The Archibald Project’s March Media Mission?

I enjoyed spending time with older kids, they could be active participants in telling their own stories.

It’s so true, we love taking teams into OVC programs with older children. There is something so powerful about hearing an orphan’s testimony firsthand. We definitely believe that when you hear directly from a child how they became orphaned that one can’t help but sharing their story with honor and respect.

Katie and Meagen, how did hearing the children’s personal stories shape the way you see life and/or hardship?

Katie: It helped me realize the power of sharing my faith because it is what gets us through hart times. They have encouraged me not to be ashamed of struggles but to step out in faith and share them because God is using them to shape my life and my heart. 

Meagen: Meeting these kids really encouraged me. They have had a rough past and still they are making the choice to go to school and work hard to get an education so they can provide for their families. As a child they are already thinking how they can give back to others and that’s so inspiring! 

Ashley, what surprised you the most this week?

This week was so much more than media…it was God using my gifting in media to tell the stories and share my heart.

It’s so true, Ashley, being on a Media Mission is way more than just taking photos. What would you tell someone thinking about coming on a future Media Mission?

To be ready for your heart to be challenged by what you see and experience, but also by what is done, inside of yourself and the way you view the world and your place in it. You will not return the same person. I think God can, if you allow Him to, take the deepest doubts and struggles you have and do a great work in you as you serve. This good work changes how you serve and allows God to really use you how HE sees fit…He leads you where HE wants you and it often times may surprise you. I found myself serving in a very different capacity that I thought I would before coming. But allowing God to lead me, I experienced a greater joy than I had thought possible! 

Well there you have it, folks! A few inspiring words from our lovely team members of how they felt about the week! We’ll be sharing some of their work and stories as they produce them and can’t wait to see how they change Christ School through their storytelling! After all, storytelling changes the world!


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