Day 8 – Linger Boutique

It's the 8th Day of Archibald Christmas and we are bringing you a new, lovely ethical shop called Linger Boutique! It's based in Uganda and the products are made by incredible artisans all over the world!

Founder, Dacia Hamby, discusses her move to Uganda, meeting her husband there, the pursuit of adoption, and why she started Linger Boutique!

Where are you from and why you did you start your business?
My name is Dacia Hamby, from Lubbock, Texas and at 27 years old, I moved to Uganda. Never did I think that would or could be my life. Moving to Uganda did not come easy for me - I was terrified for so many reasons, one being I didn’t own a pair of flat shoes. I wasn’t what most would call “missionary material”. Still, I knew He was telling me to go, and so off I went (with my spray tan machine in tow). I still had to be Dacia, who loves fashion and loves Jesus. I met my husband, Josh, in Uganda. Obedience brings about such blessings. God continued to piece together our family by bringing a little girl into our lives, who we are currently in the process of adopting. I started Linger to live out the dreams and desires He has placed within me: to love people and to do it well. I want to create a place for women to find fashion and purpose all in one place.

What is your mission and vision for your business and why are you passionate about it?
Women. We support our friends and inspire and encourage and we love. We make our spaces reflections of ourselves and our lamps burn through the night. We are clothed with strength and dignity. We bring life to those around us. Women are the “why” of Linger. We are more than a boutique. We aim to create an atmosphere where women encourage one another, praise our achievements and mourn our pains. We want to empower you to be strong, brave, and creative. We want to invest in women all over the world, not only through buying product from artisans that we believe in but also giving a portion of our profits to great causes

What is your favorite part of your business?
The favorite part of our business is getting work with incredible artisans all over the world and praying over the packages before they go out to our customers.

What is the hardest part of your business?
I would say the hardest part of our business for me in this season is building us from the ground up. We started with a very small budget and asked the Lord to help us multiply it, so I see tons of new products I am ready to carry but I am learning to be patient as we grow our business.

What advice do you have for people out there about shopping ethically?
Every product on the market starts somewhere, and we know that mass-production of products by machines or under-paid workers often lead to a lower price tag in the end. However, these types of products are missing the connection that comes with knowing the products you use were made in an atmosphere promoting respect, fairness, and dignity. When we purchase products made in unethical conditions, we are casting a vote that saving a few dollars is worth more than the dignity of another person. Ethically made products are everywhere, and although they might cost a little more, those extra dollars are a supportive voice for the people who make them.

Why is it important to support small and/or ethical businesses?
Small and ethical business care about the lives and well being of people. You can trust that there is a dream, passion, and desire to see a positive change in the lives of someone behind ethical businesses. We believe that people are not property and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Please share anything else you would like about your shop!
We are so humbled when we receive each purchase and are so grateful for amazing people that we have met in this journey. We desire to love people and we pray that through Linger Boutique we are able to just that. Hope to see you there!

How can the Archibald community shop and follow you guys?
Our website is and our Instagram is!

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