Hosting an Orphan Care Small Group Night


We loved how many people said they'd be incorporating one or two of our ideas for 

involving your small group in orphan care! It's so cool to see communities rallying around the fatherless. Today, we want to share with you one more idea: hosting a small group orphan care night!

Here are three of our favorite ideas to host an orphan care themed night for your small group.

  1. "Adopt" a country! Choose a country to focus on, and structure your night around discussing and praying for the orphan care needs of that country. For extra fun, serve food native to the country you choose! Have everyone pitch in or bring a dish, like a Chinese food buffet or Ugandan chapati. Watch one or two of The Archibald Project videos that features a story from that country, like the stories about Bethel China or the Via Family. Talk about the country's adoption laws and familiarize yourself with some organizations on the ground working to serve orphaned and vulnerable children. Brainstorm ideas together--what can you do to help? Write a prayer specific to the needs of that country, and give a copy to everyone in the small group. Commit to praying that prayer weekly as a group or individually.
  2. Do a service project! As we mentioned in our last blog post, one way to serve the fatherless is packing care packages for adoptive and foster families. Spend one of your small group meetings doing just that, or another easily doable project that everyone can join in on together. Maybe it's filling boxes for Operation Christmas Child, or packing backpacks that are given to children when they enter the foster care system (contact your local Department of Child Services to find out if they have such a program). You could host a supply drive at your church to gather all the supplies you'll need for the project, or just have everyone in the group pitch in money to split the cost.
  3. Do an orphan care Bible Study together! Studying the Bible, specifically focused on the call to care for the orphan, can be a powerful way to serve the fatherless. There are several resources online for orphan care bible studies, such as this one. Choose a study an spend an evening working through the Scripture verses and prompts, discussing the call to care for the fatherless and how it plays out in your own life.

Will you use any of these ideas with your small group? Be sure to let us know if you do! We'd love to hear :)