Evaline's Education - Guest Post by Jacki Potorke

One of our favorite parts of The Archibald Project is inviting other artists in to serve with us! On our Media Missions we've been humbled by watching incredibly talented and loving artists jump in and serve the orphan world by sharing powerful stories. Today, we're excited to let you into Jacki Potorke's heart and allow you to read about Miss Evaline and how sponsorships have changed her life!

*   *   *

I would like to start with Miss Evaline herself, the woman who who expressed her gratitude toward sponsors.  She is a beautiful, patient soul and is the oldest of the kids at HOPE Children's Home.  At 23 years old she has been living at the home for 7 years.  She is a wise woman.  She happily helps take care of the younger kids and quietly goes about her business.  My second day at the home she pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to play a board game.  It was exactly what I needed at that moment and I think she could perceive that.  We played for a long while with out talking and when she was ready she opened up to me about her life.  This is her story.

Her father died when she was very young, and then when she was 7 years old her mother also died.  She was taken in by her aunt and uncle in Iganga (the town where HOPE Children's Home is) until both of them lost their jobs and were no longer able to support her.  She looked for help but no one helped.  That is until she found Phil.  Phil is the godly man behind Elpis Ministries and HOPE Children's Home.  Evaline had heard about how he was providing a home and education to street children who had no one else to take care of them, so she found him and became a part of the HOPE family at 16 years old.

Evaline expressed that sometimes she feels abandoned because of what happened with her aunt and uncle, however she has forgiven them a long time ago because she knows that is what Jesus has called her to and that she is never abandoned by Him.  She is very thankful that Jesus has saved her and that people love her and help take care of her.  Because of sponsorships she has been able to get an education and has completed her Senior year.

Now Evaline is getting ready to head off to college.  Unlike many other organizations, Elpis Ministries helps children get to collage and continues to support them in their studies and invest in their future.  Evaline hopes to be a veterinarian and wants to care for animals.  Her compassion and patience make her the perfect personality for this occupation.  Currently, she is half way sponsored for college.  Because of the way the system works in Uganda there is only enrollment once a year in August.  If Evaline does not get fully funded by then she will have to wait another whole year until enrollment opens again, so she is really hoping and praying for money to come through before August.

Will you help make Evaline's goals become a reality?  She needs $1000 before August.  If you feel led to support her please click this link and scroll down to the donate button.  Once you have filled out the financial info there will be an option to "add special instructions."  Please add "College Sponsorship for Evaline Lochoro" before submitting payment.  

Thank you for reading this.  Evaline requests your prayers for her family and she sends her greetings and love.

Jacki Potorke

(Jacki was a team member on our February Media Mission! Follow more of her work here! To find out how you can use your art to serve with us, click here!)