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I Am Thankful to Have Been Adopted

My name is Sarah and my two brothers and I were adopted from Bolivia when we were babies.  We noticed right away we were all very different; our older brother is of Inca descent, my twin and I are a mix of Spanish and Bolivian descent, and our fair, blue eyed adoptive parents were Canadian and American. Now throw in the fact that we lived in the multicultural area of McAllen, Texas and you have the recipe for a lot of confusion. 

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Race and Adoption

Below is an example of a typical after school conversation with my son:
Him: Mom, do white and black people ever marry each other?
Me: Of course, all the time. Why do you ask?
Him: A friend at school told me I couldn't marry the girl I like because she is white.

No one told me you guys. No one told me raising an African American boy in a country whose history has never had his best interest at heart, would be this hard. But then again, no one should've had to.

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