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Questions to Ask Adoption Agencies

We encourage you to press for honesty, transparency, and a willingness to engage in the hard questions. Asking these and other important questions can be the start of a partnership toward an ethical adoption process, and one that seeks not only the child’s best interest but that protects both the vulnerable and adoptive family as well. 

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Words From A Foster Mom

I always imagined that once our home was finally filled with small feet, giggles and spilled milk that I'd feel completely content. As a woman who has wanted to adopt for several years, and as a woman who has walked through the loss of four children, I couldn't imagine being anything other than borderline-obsessed with my kids and my role as a mother some day. Young mothers would post on social media about being sick of their three-year-old's tantrums or the piles of laundry swallowing their beds, and I would roll my eyes and think about how I would be the most grateful mother when the time came.

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