Carol Adams and Y.E.S Uganda!

Nestled away in the rollings hills of western Uganda is a small town called Fort Portal.  Although you may have never heard of Fort Portal, you won’t soon forget. Big things are happening here, and they have been happening for past 19 years. This is largely due to Carol Adams and Y.E.S. Uganda. Y.E.S. stands for Youth Encouragement Services.  This ministry was founded by a woman named Carol Adams, who felt the call of the Lord when she was 50 years old and decided to move to Uganda to care for the impoverished children of this community. And caring for the children is exactly what she is doing.  Through Y.E.S. Carol is sending over 100 Orphan and Vulnerable children (O.V.C) to school.  Without her help, these children would never receive an education.  She also runs a rescue home for O.V.Cs who have HIV.  For these kids she provides housing, food, medication, and education. Her assistance has literally saved some of these kids lives.

If you spend any amount of time with Carol it is clear that Y.E.S. Uganda is changing not only Fort Portal but many parts of the world. We couldn’t go anywhere in town without someone thanking her for what she has done for them. She has kids that have gone on to become nurses, doctors, businessman, and even one young man who was recently named one of Forbes 30 Under 30!

These kids are being given a chance to be successful in life, and most of them are taking it. They are well aware of the gravity of the opportunity that has been given to them. It is no surprise that when we asked some of Carol’s former sponsored children to share their testimonies tears were shed and an even deeper level of thankfulness for Carol’s life and ministry was formed.

This week, we'll share some words spoken about Y.E.S by adult graduates from the program. Join us with a box of Kleenexes and be encouraged to help sponsor a child’s education through Y.E.S! You never know, you could just be sponsoring the next president of this beautiful country!

*   *   *

My name is Dr Gilbert Ategeka. I am a Medical doctor in Kampala, Uganda.

I joined YES at the age of 14.

I did join the YES program originally called the Child Care Program ran by Carol Ann Adams in 2001 around June/June. Being raised by a single mother, it was always difficult for me to get school needs like books, pens, school fees and uniform. From primary one to primary seven my late mom used to struggle in all her effort to provide what she could get for me I study and other needs. When I I got a bit older I used to join her to work so that we could finish the casual jobs fast. Joining secondary school was much demanding where at one point I could not move on with school. At one moment I saw I could not afford the needs any more. Thoughts came to stop school and find other ways to live life.

It was that same month of June when one friend of mine told about Carol and her work to help he needy. Indeed I could not wait to go and find how she could help me with the school needs.

Reaching to her she did get interested in me and asked me to present my previous marks. I was on top of he class. From that one she took me up to be helped with school needs and other personal needs.

During that time she got me a dear family in the USA named the Knell family that started to cater for my needs in school and outside school. I continued to work hard in school with a dream of becoming a doctor because I saw how sick people suffer without good health service.

The Knell family cared for my school needs through secondary right to the University level in Ukraine where I have graduated as a medical doctor. Graduating in medical school was a dream come true which I could not have achieved without Carol Adams. Now I am working at the Uganda National Referral Hospital as an intern doctor.

As the saying goes, teach a man to fish rather than getting him fish ready on the table." Carol holding my hand in his difficult time was like manna from heaven to me.  Knowledge is the key to success, it helps to understand the affection and morality within our communities. I can now fulfill my dream by touching the lives of other people, especially the sick, and giving them hope about life. I can now take care of my relatives like the little kids (orphans left behind by my relatives) so that in future they will be able to take care of themselves.

I would really love to see needy people like orphans, disabled, widows being supported so that they can have hope and being loved on the society. Through educating them and giving them a skill for life, their lives can change.

My big praise to the YES program is that they are doing an amazing job for the orphans, sick children.

It may be very difficult to understand what the YES really does but the only way to know this is to get involved in what YES does. You can do this by mentoring a child, or sponsoring a child so that you can see how this can change someone’s whole life.

I would like to thank all of the donor families who have been helping YES and the children to have a bright future. Your support always goes to the right hands.

Long love Carol Ann Adams long love the YES program.

I remain,

 Dr Gilbert Ategeka.

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