And We’re Off Again!!!

We are so excited as we sit down to type this blog post we could almost burst! You see we have been admiring, from afar, the work of an amazing organization in Beijing, China. We found them on Instagram (favorite app ever!) this summer and have formed an online relationship with their Director. The reason we were first drawn to Bethel was because we saw a specific image of a little Chinese boy, who we noticed had some sort of problem with his eyes. The further we researched we realized that Bethel is a home for orphaned children who are visually impaired (VI). They are not an orphanage but they do house about 80 orphaned children that have some sort of visual disability. They bring children in from orphanages around China who need more help than their current orphanage can give them. They provide education, love, shelter, food, relationships and advocacy for many orphaned children their country has written off.

How could we not fall in love with their mission?!?! Our wheels started turning and we came to the idea one evening, ‘what if we could travel with a family who was adopting a blind child and not only tell the story from the adoptive family’s perspective but also spread awareness about Bethel and help break down some of the fears associated with adopting a VI child?!?!’

Enter the Peoples’ family!

After we shared our vision with Chloe, our contact at Bethel, she informed us about a family traveling sometime in the late summer/early fall. You see the Peoples have two bio sons, one whom is autistic. Sandra, mama Peoples, is an author and advocate for parenting children with disabilities, and after reading some of her work we new this was the family with whom we needed to work!

We can’t wait to share the Peoples’ journey to meet their five year old, blind, Chinese son! We can’t wait to introduce you to the wonderful organization that is Bethel and help you learn more about adopting VI children! And we are so, so excited about helping break down some of the fears of adopting special needs and help you all better understand what it might look like for you to get involved in caring for visually impaired orphans!

Stay tuned, as we leave on Sunday, August 31!

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