About Us!

Hi Friends! We've received tons of emails asking about who is behind The Archibald Project, so we wanted to formally introduce ourselves :)

My wife, Whitney, and I cannot begin to tell you all how much your support means to us. We exist to advocate for orphans. We feel called to fight for the fatherless and our dream is that because of our media and the stories we are able to share, there will be fewer orphans in the world.

But we need your help. We can only inspire and educate those who see our work, so we need you guys to help us share the stories on our site! Would you partner with us and help spread the word? Orphan care is quite foreign to a lot of people, but if they are exposed to The Archibald Project's stories and can see normal people engaging in different aspects of caring for orphans then more people will naturally get involved. Media has that effect on people, you know. When we see something, if it speaks to our core or inspires and moves us, then we have to act. It's human nature! Having a conversation with a neighbor about a video you saw, deciding to pray for orphans every day at the exact same time, volunteering, becoming a mentor, adoption, or sponsoring a child's education are all really important ways that every single person can get involved! But how can someone get involved if they aren't inspired? That's where you and me come in, friend. We'll share stories of everyday people serving in real and tangible ways, and you post or share our media! And together, we can impact the world of orphan care!