5 ways to get involved in orphan care



We often get asked how people in all circumstances and from all walks of life can get involved in orphan care. How can single people who aren’t married get involved? How can college students get involved? How can families who don’t feel called to adopt get involved? How can we get our kids involved? The good news is that there is truly a way for EVERYONE to get involved in orphan care, and it’s probably a lot easier than you think.

Today, we want to share five super easy ways that you can get involved in orphan care today. Orphan care is not limited to adoption, or fostering. Orphan care can look like a bunch of different things, and can be tailored to your situation in life and circumstances right this very second.

Here are our five favorite ways to make a difference today:

1. Pick up a few McDonald’s gift cards and drop them off at your local Department of Child Services. Often, kids are being taken from harmful or unsafe family situations in the middle of the night, when no stores or restaurants are open, so it’s up to the social worker to get those kids food. A few $5 or $10 gift cards will go a long way for the social workers who are on call in the middle of the night.

2015-02-16_0007 2. Leave an encouraging comment for someone walking the hard road of adoption, foster care or orphan ministry. All you have to do is search the hashtag #orphancare on Instagram and there are thousands of photos. Read the captions. When one jumps at you, leave a comment. It doesn’t matter that they’re a stranger. It’s probably going to feel a little awkward. You don’t have to say much. Just a simple, “I stumbled across your photo, and just wanted to say that you’re doing a really great job, and I’m praying for you.” From what people in their position have told us, those comments mean the world when they are exhausted, run down and feeling lost and alone.

2015-02-16_00053. Sacrifice your daily coffee (or tea, smoothie or whatever else you prefer) and donate that amount to an orphan care ministry. Even if it’s $3.50, or $5. It’s the gesture that matters, and the fact that you’re willing to forego a luxury in the name of orphan care. It’s super easy to donate online with most organizations, and you can even do it right from your phone! Some great organizations include The Archibald Project ;), Project Orphans and Serving Orphans Worldwide.

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4. Share a photo on social media. Grab a photo that jumps out at you from our Instagram feed, and share it to your own social media accounts. Share why you love the photo, why orphan care matters, or simply include a quote or Bible verse about orphan care. Sometimes, all it takes is a powerful photo or thought-provoking caption popping up in someone’s scrolling that causes them to take action. Many of our media mission participants found out about the trip from Instagram! It can truly have an impact.

IMG_59155. Pray for the Lord to show you areas to get involved in orphan care. Prayer is easy and free. And if you ask the Lord to show you an opportunity to care for orphans, He will answer you! It might look totally different than what you expect, but being open to serving however the Lord wants to use you can be the greatest gift you give towards orphan care.

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