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It is an absolute tragedy that there are so many orphans in this world, and we believe this is a crisis that needs to end. That is what fuels us, that is what drives us, and that is what we have been working toward since the beginning of The Archibald Project.

2015 has been an incredible year for The Archibald Project. Because of your giving, we were able to tell over 28 different orphan care stories this year alone. These stories helped build a home for 5 Ugandan orphans and feed them for a year, they provided 11 orphan care organizations with more exposure and fundraising tools that have assisted in raising well over $100,000 dollars, they provided clean water for an orphanage for years to come, they began educating the world on ethical adoptions, they produced over 20 new education sponsorships, and they inspired multiple people to get out and serve at home and abroad. We also led 23 artists on 4 media missions in two different countries, started an educational and inspirational orphan care podcast, and grew our audience by over 400%. 

You see, storytelling really does change the world. We are daily watching our media change the face of orphan care, and we believe we are only seeing a tiny portion of the impact. 

And whats really exciting is this is only the beginning. This coming year we are going to tell even more stories. We are going to go to new parts of the world and give a voice to the voiceless. We are going to start a movement of people who are inspired to get involved in orphan care and who are ready to stand up and fight for lives of these children. And together we will bring hope and we will end this tragedy.

We want to tell more powerful stories. We want to tell the stories of orphans who have no voice and we want to give them a voice. We vow to continue using our voice for the voiceless. And we want the world to see these our stories and be inspired to stand up against this tragedy and to end it. 

Will you join us? Will you be a part of ending the orphan crisis? Donate today.