You Help Reduce The Number of Orphans

It’s the season of giving. Every where you look there are advertisements for donations, and social media posts about helping a charitable cause. You can imagine how hard it is for a nonprofit in the world today. But there's something special about our generation!  We love to give because we see the value in being a part of something BIGGER than ourselves. And we truly believe that is why giving to The Archibald Project is so special. When you give you actually become a part of reducing the number of orphans in the world. 

Let that sink in. 

You actually help reduce the number of orphans when you give to The Archibald Project. 


You see, your financial gift goes further than meeting a one time, physical need because just one of our stories holds the power to inspire multiple people to meet that need. And what about orphans that you didn't even know existed? How are you supposed to help if you don't know something or someone exists? You can know because The Archibald Project is shedding light on places and people that few knew even needed help! Your donation makes media that spreads awareness and literally causes a movement of people caring for orphans. We know, because we have seen, that our media has directly impacted people to adopt, move over seas, foster, sponsor orphan’s educations, provide multiple meals to orphans, provide clean water to an orphanage…The list is literally endless. Your donation doesn’t help just one child, it helps the entire world of orphans.

In 2015, during the very first year of operating The Archibald Project as a full time nonprofit, we had 2 1/2 employees. During this time, we funded the construction a house for 5 Ugandan orphans, provided clean water to an orphanage, helped raise over $100,000 for orphan care nonprofits who otherwise would not of been able to afford high quality media, began educating the world on ethical adoption and orphan care practices, led 4 media missions of 23 artists in 2 different countries, documented 3 adoptions, started a highly educational and inspirational podcast about all aspects of orphan care, grew our own audience by over 400%, and inspired thousands of people all around the world by our daily posts on social media. 

So, as you can see, money donated to The Archibald Project goes a long way. 

And we’ve only just begun. We are looking to expand our team in 2016 by bringing on 2 more full time employees! We’re looking to document MORE adoptions, lead MORE media missions, AND, we have a dream so big that our media might be broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of people! Next year we are going BIG, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Would you be able to help us? We are looking for donations that will allow us continue to advocating for orphans all over the world.  Your donation, large or small, one time or recurring, will effect lives for generations to come! And we believe will eventually end the orphan crisis. Would you consider partnering with us?