Is Adoption Needed?

Adoption is beautiful. Adoption is tragic. 

Adoption means you choose to love when you don’t feel like loving. Adoption means great tragedy has forced itself upon an innocent child… 

Often times there are 2 camps when it comes to adoption. 

Camp 1: I love adoption!!! 

Camp 2: Adoption is scary and will ruin your family. 

We aren’t fans of living in black and white, so here’s the truth. We love adoption, but we also hate it. You know why? Because it’s not fair.

In a perfect world there would be no death, no disease, no poverty, no selfishness, no addiction, no abandonment. But we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? And because of these things that happen to children who don’t freaking ask for it…well adoption can be pretty dang scary. 

Because these children who, again, do not choose for their birth families to participate in any of the above, can know a depth of pain and abandonment that most of us could never fathom.  

So adoption is beautiful and tragic.

And needed.

At the most basic level, adoption is needed because there are children in the world who need parents. But that is such a general and broad explanation, and if not fully examined, adoption *can* be a dangerous endeavor. 

And because adoption is needed, we must approach it with excellence and reverence.

We need to fully understand the brokenness and pain a child might have experienced, while digging deep within ourselves and ask if this is a road we can continually choose to walk. 

When it comes to the adoption camps above we need to be somewhere in the middle. Adoption is absolutely needed and there are kids out here who need a family and need a home but we can’t forget that adoption is also a tragedy. A family has be broken and there are people taking advantage of vulnerable families and kids all over the world. So we must approach adoption with a level of excellence in the way we research and pursue a child and decide from day one to love endlessly and also approach it with a level of reverence and mourning for the tragedy.  

When a child is willingly given up we must mourn. Mourn for the brokenness and heartache in the birth parent’s life for the circumstances which brought upon the forfeiting of rights. We cannot just look at adoption as something we love or something that is scary. We must look at adoption as one answer to the orphan crisis and not something to take up camp on with our spectator opinions. 

Adoption is needed because children are abandoned but it isn’t the entire answer to eliminating the orphan crisis. 

Adoption is beautiful and tragic. But after every storm, the sun comes out, the winds die down and there is beauty among the wreckage. So my friends, in the end, because it is needed, it is beautiful. Because brokenness doesn’t win. Love defeats the greatest of battles. We can all choose to love and help be a part of eliminating the orphan crisis.