Why We're Doing The Media Mission

I’ve sat out to write this blog post several times. However, as before any of our overseas trips, the work pile grows higher and higher, things arise and deadlines must be met. So now, with iced coffee in hand and our loyal retriever at my side I can steal a few free moments to answer a rather large, reoccurring question.

Why are we doing a Media Mission? 

In short, because we believe the Lord led us to do this.

For as long as I’ve been a spirit filled Christian I can remember praying that Jesus would give me His heart for His people. I had grand ideas of what this would look like, of people groups my soul had a passion for and I was sure that God would call me to serve. To be honest, neither Nick or myself had a huge heart for orphans or adoption. Granted, I have wanted to adopt since college, however that was as far as my passion went. And out of nowhere the Lord very vividly called us to document the adoption of a little Bulgarian boy and thus began The Archibald Project, (we can expound on that later because it’s one of my favorite stories to tell!). I don’t know about you, but the Lord often speaks to my heart while I’m driving. Sometime while working with a lawyer to officially become a 501c-3 I asked God ‘why this, why orphan care?’ (and yes I was on the highway), when I felt an overwhelming answer of, “because you’ve prayed to have My heart for My people and My heart is for the orphan.” Of course tears welled up in my eyes and I experienced a humility like never before.

Fast forward a year or so, put me in my car again, and I’m praying about The Archibald Project. That’s when it hit me, “take a team of artists to Uganda and document my children.” It probably wasn’t as direct as that, but the idea of the Media Mission was born. The Lord placed it on our hearts to take a team of people to a town we fell in love with, and have them create stories around orphans with the hope of inspiring people to take action to serve the fatherless. By empowering a larger group of artists to tell these stories we are able to impact multiple communities and groups of people that might not ever see life from an orphan’s perspective. Each time we’ve told a story we reach a certain audience, our audience, our community. Now, with bringing a team along, the amount of people who might be inspired into service will be 9 times larger. Which means, at the end of the day, that many more people will have a personal connection with the life and story of an orphan.  And hopefully, people will no longer see orphans as orphans, but as children who are real, have names, unique personalities, and a desire to have a mama and papa.

We’ve received so many emails from people wanting to work for and volunteer with T.A.P, but up until this point we haven’t had anything to offer. We tried, oh believe me we tried. We so badly wanted to hire people and grow T.A.P into what we wanted it to be. But we’ve been forced to learn, and are still learning, that we must wait on the Lord.

Waiting can be hard, but when the outcome is the leading and provision of the Holy Spirit it can make all the difference in the world. I’m so thankful we pushed through the hardships and (sometimes kicking and screaming) waited on God’s direction. And now, He has created a media mission in which we get to take part! We haven’t even left yet and we’re already seeing our team members inspire others about adoption. Not one team member has taken a single picture of the precious children in the Arise and Shine orphanage and God is already moving in people’s hearts to serve and even adopt in our team members communities.

So that is why we are doing a Media Mission. We waited, we felt led and God opened every single door. He has provided us with an amazing team of 9 artists from all over the U.S with whom we could not be more excited to work.

We, Nick and myself, leave in 7 days to prepare the way for our team. If you’re wondering how you can help, the biggest need we have right now is that you simply share our media. We have seen people directly adopt because of stories we’ve been able to tell. We believe that the more people who see media coverage from this trip the more people will likely be inspired to serve. Whether its through adoption, volunteering, moving to another country, becoming a CIS worker here in the states, beginning foster care classes, you name it, we want to see it!

See you cats in Uganda!