Why We Do What We Do

Lately, we've been getting a lot of questions about The Archibald Project.  Questions like, “why should I give to the Archibald Project”, or “why is the Archibald Project important.”  Well, hopefully we can bring some clarity to not only what motivates us, but also why we feel that The Archibald Project is immensely important.

In the world of adoption there are an infinite number of amazing organizations that help orphans.  Some assist with adoption, some provide food and clothing to orphans, some loan financial support, while others sponsor orphans to get an education or help traveling parents find cheap airfare.  But despite all of these amazing organizations, the fact is that there are still more orphans than there are people adopting or caring for them.  All of these organizations are wonderful and absolutely needed, but they all have one thing in common.  They require people who are concerned, passionate, and interested in the lives of orphans in order to function properly and carry out their mission.  Without those people, without people who care, these organizations are powerless. This is where we come in.

The Archibald Project inspires people to care for orphans.  Through telling firsthand stories of orphans and adoptions, we inspire people to action.  We aim to inspire people not through guilt or obligation, but through a deep passion and zeal for the fatherless.  Orphan care is not possible without people who care about orphans.  Our photos, our videos, and our stories, through the work of God, increase the number of people who care.

We know that many people have been inspired to care for orphans years before we came along, however, the number of people adopting in the U.S. has been on the decline for the past ten years and has reached its lowest point since 1999.  This is partially due to tougher adoption laws and foreign country regulations.  This trend needs to be reversed, and is more of a reason why people need to be inspired.  They need to be encouraged to wait longer, love deeper and fight harder for these children.  People need to see others just like them doing whatever it takes to bring their child home or care for those in need.  People need to be inspired.  That is our hope for The Archibald Project, that when people see our pictures, videos, or stories about an orphan, they will be moved with a compassion that can only be satisfied by finding a way to help.  And because of this movement and because we exist, fewer children will be called orphans.

We can't do this alone. We fully operate on your donations. If we don't have funds then we can't produce stories. Would you partner with us? Will you help us to document adoption stories and show the world the faces, voices and personalities of the fatherless? Will you help us inspire and educate people about adoption and show families that they can do it. Will you help us decrease the amount of orphans in the world?!?

Thank you for your consideration and prayers to help our cause! Please click here to donate.