Stewart Family Homecoming!!!

The Stewarts have been on a long, arduous road to bring their son Kelly home from Haiti.  In just under three years they have made 13 trips to Port Au Prince.  Every flight home from Haiti has ended with tears and unthinkable heartache........ until yesterday.  On this flight home, sweet little Kelly sat next to his parents knowing he will never again return to an orphanage.  He was going to the home that he has waited almost half of his life to get to. When Michael and Kimberley Stewart stepped off the plane in Austin, joy was radiating from their faces.  With child in tow they made their way toward baggage claim.  As they reached edge of security, they were almost tackled by their other three children.  This precious moment was the first time they were all together as a family.  The newly reunited family of six walked to the edge of the stairs and was welcomed home by the roar of an enormous crowd.  This crowd of people that gathered around the escalator last night were people who have loved, hoped, supported, and fought along side the Stewart family for the past 2 1/2 years.  As they reached the crowd, an outpouring of tears, hugs, and smiles began and lasted for almost an hour.  Kelly had no idea that he had touched so many lives.

The homecoming is only one hurdle in the long race ahead. It's easy to romanticize adoption based off of everyone's happy faces as a child comes home, but this moment was a huge victory in the long battle for Kelly.  It was an immense answer to prayer and a testament to the power of a family hoping and committing to not leave this child as an orphan.  Kelly came home on September 10, 2013.  This date will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of the Stewarts as a day of hope fulfilled.

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We'd like to thank Katie Jameson for coming out and helping us document this beautiful occasion.