Meet the Dawodu Family!

Here’s the story, of a lovely lady, a single 25 year old adopted a 5 year old out of the foster care system. Meet the Dawodu family, party of 5, er, 6, er 7!  They have such an inspiring and encouraging story. In the days of social media and blog after blog after blog, after blog...after blog ;) this family is a breath of fresh air. They are genuine and real; loving and fun. They strive after simplicity and to glorify God, and genuinely seek to live for God, not man.  When Femi and Carlee got married, Femi readopted Catherine so that she would legally be his daughter as well. The two, well three including Catherine, are passionate about orphan care and carry the out look, “that could be me”, when thinking about parentless children. The family of 3 welcomed in their 4th addition biologically and their 5th through adoption. They have been in a 2 year process of bringing home a little girl from India and are hopeful that journey will come to an end this fall. And, just when it sounds like their nest was full, the Dawadu received word that they would be expecting another baby in the next 9 months. We can’t wait to share the Dawodu’s interview with you all. We’re excited for you to hear, first handedly, Catherine’s view on her own adoption and experience in foster care. We’re excited to share with you how their desire to help the orphan led to opening their very own adoption agency. But most importantly, we’re excited to share with you all that God has done in and through them, so that you too, may praise His name!God is good y’all!