Life In Jinja

Jinja is beautiful. It is lush, vibrant, and welcoming. I can see why the Via family fell in love with this place over 10 years ago. The people here are affable and affectionate. They look you in the eye when conversing, they shake your hand far longer than you would expect, and they smile at you like you are family. The past few days have been so inspiring and make me praise Jesus. This family’s heart to serve and submit reminds me of the cost for following the cross. Elisabeth Eliot says it best in her book, Keep A Quiet Heart. “If our object is to save others we must be clear that we cannot save ourselves. Jesus couldn’t either.” Over the past 48 hours we’ve seen the Via’s begin to adjust to their new life here in Africa.  From taxi's disguised as motorcycles, to cows hogging the road, to having the longest river in the world in your backyard, things are different.  Life moves at a slower pace here, and it can make simple things seem more difficult.  Despite the challenges, it has been beautiful to see their hearts, friendships, and children blossom in their new home. They are meant to be here, and it is undeniably clear when you see the smile on sweet, little Chloe's face.  Yes, they have given up a more “comfortable” way of living.  They have said goodbye to family and friends, but they have gained a daughter .  It is obvious that the Lord meant for them to move here. Meet the Vias in Jinja!